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I had written about two sisters in an article intitled “Sister’s Act” a couple of weeks ago.

The sisters, in the event you are just now joining the conversation, are Emma who is 93 years old and her “little” sister Ima who is 91 years old. They live close to each other and not too far away from me.

In case you didn’t read the story I mentioned about the two sisters, I would encourage you to do so, not just because it’s entertaining, although it most certainly is that, but so you will have some background of these two ladies before you start this article.

But just to give you a quick recap.

“Doc” The World-Famous Black Lab and myself visit with them or delivery groceries when they need them or on some occasions I will make them lunch, not because they can’t make it themselves, it’s just that they like the way I make their grilled cheese sandwiches. Or maybe it’s not the sandwiches at all, maybe it’s because they like to visit with “Doc” who they call “That Big Black Dog” because they can’t seem to remember his name.

This brings us to last week, when the 91-year-old “Baby Sister” Ima called me and asked “IF” I could come over and “make them grilled cheese like we like em” and “Bring that big black dog with you.”

As you might expect, “Doc” and I drove over to “Big Sister” Emma’s house to make them their grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, but not before I stopped to get them some Dr. Pepper to go with their lunch.

Why? Because they like a Dr. Pepper with their grilled cheese sandwiches.

But as “Doc” and I announced ourselves and entered Emma’s house, I felt that we walked into the middle of a conversation between the two sisters.

Emma was saying,

“That sounds so good, I bet it’s like them treats Mee-Maw used to make us when we was kids.”

Ima responded with,

“I wish it would come back on again, cause I didn’t hear it very well, these hearing aids ain’t no good.”

As Doc ran over to the two sisters perched on their recliners in front of the television set for his back scratching I had to ask,

“What are you two ladies talking about, I hope I didn’t interrupt anything.”

Emma said, “O’ no honey, you didn’t interrupt nothing, we was talking about something we heard on the television and we are a waiting to see if it comes back on again cause we want to know where we can get it.”

Ima chimed in with, “Sounds like them treats Mee-Maw used to makes us when we was kids, it sounds so good.”

Don’t ask me why, because I can’t tell you, but I “assumed” they had been watching the “Food Network” or something like it, from the way they were talking, so after setting everything down on the kitchen counter I walked into the living room and looked at the television set and the Weather Channel was running on a loop.

As I was walking back to the kitchen to prepare their grilled cheese sandwiches “just the way they like them”, I heard Ima say, “I ain’t never heard it called that, but it shore does sound good.”

Emma added with some emphasis, “We got to get us some of that when it comes out.”

Curiosity has always been my downfall and just for the record this is no time to remind me about the “Curiosity and the Cat” story.

So, I had to ask, “What are you ladies talking about?”

That was all it took.

Emma leaned across her recliner and adjusted her glasses, “We didn’t see it, but we heard it, cause we just got in the house when Ima got here, and they was talking about it on the television.”

Ima added, “It sounds so good, just like them treats we used to have when we was little girls.”

I went from curious to confused in one second.

As my tiny brain was attempting to follow the conversation all I could muster was, “What treats?”

Emma said, “When we was little girls our Mee-Maw, our grandmother, used to make us these treats that was oatmeal, brown sugar or molasses and some with cocoa and oatmeal and she would make these little balls like candy and they were so good. Her kitchen smelled so good when she was a making them. It was like heaven.”

Ima added (again),

“It sounds so good, just like what we used to have when we was little.”

Emma wasn’t finished with her description of said delicious treats,

“But we only got em around Thanksgiving or Christmas cause we was dirt poor honey.”

Ima agreed, “They was so good, I hope they are just like what Mee-Maw made.”

Emma always the realist added, “Can’t nobody make em like Mee-Maw made, even Momma couldn’t make it like she did. I just hope we can get em and they taste good.”

Ima got down to it, “I bet they come out at Thanksgiving or Christmas.”

Now I was starting to get it, it was a commercial for some kind of treat or seasonal cookie that was being advertised for the upcoming holidays, got it. Now I was up to speed.

While Doc was getting his loving from both sisters and the grilled cheese was sizzling in the frying pan, I thought “what a great gift to get them both this year”, all I needed was a little more information.

But I didn’t need to tip my hand, just pry ever so gently.

So, I asked, “So what did the commercial say?”

Ima needed to remind me of what she said earlier,

“That’s what we is waiting on cause I didn’t hear it very well, these hearing aids ain’t no good.”

Emma repeated what she said earlier too, like I was slow, “I told you homey, we didn’t see it, but we heard it, cause we just got in the house after Ima got here, and they was talking about it on the television.”

I was going to need more information “IF” I was going to find this wonderful treat for them.

So, with that in mind, I asked, “What did you hear them say on television?”

Ima felt the need to remind me what she had just said,

“I didn’t hear it all, cause these hearing aids ain’t no good.”

Emma added, “But we both heard enough, that’s why we are watching this cause they repeat commercials every now and again on the programs. That’s when you came in with the big black dog, cause we was talking about them treats we heard about on the television.”

Now I was getting down to it, all I needed was just a tad more info from them and I would figure the rest out for myself, find this product and surprise them both with a wonderful gift around the holidays.

All I needed was to ask that one question and I did.

“What were the treats called?”

Emma said, “I don’t remember what Mee-Maw called them do you Sis?”

Ima responded with, “I don’t remember neither that’s been a long time ago.”

We were getting off track here, I need to get back on topic if I was going to get them a tasty surprise.

“No, I mean what did the commercial you heard say about those treats?”

I am sure at this point in the conversation that Ima believes I was dropped on my head as a baby, which she may be right about, because she repeated (again),

“Honey, I done told you I didn’t hear it all, cause these hearing aids ain’t no good.”

Emma leaned across the recliner and adjusted her glasses yet again and slowed it down for me.

“We didn’t hear it all cause we was just getting in the house but we both heard em say it.”

Ima added, “I heard that much, but these hearing aids probably just need a battery.”

This is getting harder than trying to determine how many licks it takes to get to the center of a lollipop.

I was forced to ask the central question to this mystery.

“What was this treat called on television, what did you hear them call it?”

Emma said,

“I heard em say we can expect a wintery mix sometime around Thanksgiving and Christmas. And she added, “they said it’s been a long time since we had it, but we can expect it this year.”

Wait, what? The Weather Channel and a mention of a Wintery Mix, I need to clear this up.

“Ladies, I think what they were talking about was…”

Ima interrupted me with,

“I hope that winter mix is as sweet as Mee-Maws treats that she made us.”

Emma reminded us all, “Can’t nobody make em like Mee-Maw made. I just hope we can get us some of em and they taste decent.”

As a side note “IF” I am ever as in ever, the voice of reason or whatever, we are already off track.

With that in mind I said calmly,

“I think what they were probably referring to on the Weather Channel was…”

Ima interrupted me with,

“I wonder how hard it is to get me some new batteries for these hearing aids?”

Emma said,

“Them things is tiny you couldn’t put em in if you got em, we going to have to go get em fixed.”

I quickly flipped the grilled cheese so they wouldn’t scorch and made another valiant attempt to clear up this misunderstanding.

“Ladies, although I didn’t hear it, but when the Weather Channel says anything about a Wintery Mix..”

Ima felt the need to remind me,

“Honey, I didn’t hear it all neither, cause these hearing aids needs a battery.”

I was losing ground on this one quickly but responded with,
“What I meant to say is…”

Now it was Emma’s turn to interrupt me,

“Those grilled cheese shore do smell good, are they about ready?”

The grilled cheese sandwiches were indeed about ready, so I took them out of the frying pan and poured their Dr. Pepper’s in glasses and this brief pause gave me time to collect my thoughts.

Not to disappoint either of them, but I wanted to straighten this out “before” they did get disappointed.

After I unfolded their TV trays and presented them their grilled cheese and Dr Pepper’s I took a seat in a chair opposite them and thought I should start at the beginning, that was always best. Then let them figure it out on their own, that way nobody was disappointed or embarrassed and maybe (Just maybe) we could all have a good laugh over it when I was done.

After we said grace over their lunch, I cleared my throat and asked them both,
“Have either of you ever heard the term Wintery Mix before?”

They exchanged a glance between each other then looked at me like I was the dumbest kid in class.”

Just for the record I have seen that look before, just so you know.

The sisters said almost in unison,
“We told you we don’t remember what Mee-Maw called them treats.”

That is when the light came on for me.

As dull as my bulb typically is, it still came on or at least it flickered.

It occurred to me that they had never heard that weather term before or if they had, they had forgotten it like they had forgotten Doc’s name.

So, as they ate their lunch I asked them to recount their Mee-Maws recipe in great detail for me, for what will now be referred to as “Wintery Mix”.

I would go into more detail on this, but after I drop off Ima’s hearing aids to be repaired I need to figure out how to bake up a “Wintery Mix” for them both before the holidays.

But I bet they still won’t taste as good as their Mee-Maw made.