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My new book “Over Easy” is now available on Amazon and on other book outlets. Just in time for the Marine Corps Birthday and Veteran’s Day and all those other gift giving upcoming Holidays. You Are Welcome America.

You will be pleased to know that Palmetto Publishing, unlike my last publisher, actually had a dedicated editor for the manuscript that wasn’t blind or utilized a service monkey to edit the book.

Although I applaud the former publishers need to employ the handicapped, my current publisher has done a remarkable job formatting the manuscript.

I assure you, the book itself, is put together nicely. “Doc” The World-Famous Black Lab not only approves of the book, but he is most excited to have his picture on the back cover.

You will not be disappointed.

It’s a collection of short stories, much like the last book, that I hope will give you a laugh or two, encourage you and maybe give you a little something to think about to make your life and those around you better.

Not to brag, but as I wrote in the introduction for “Over Easy”..

“So, why do I make the bold claim that this may be the best book written for all readers everywhere?

It’s quite simple my dear readers.

The Woke and cancel culture and the people that are offended by every damn thing will want to buy it to send them into emotional hysterics while they hide in their respective safe spaces, because they is plenty here to offend anyone wanting to be offended.

Others will enjoy the humor and encouragement through the chapters and maybe, just maybe give them something to think about along the way.

I have finally done it.

I have written a book for everyone.

You Are Welcome America”

I don’t know if all that is true or not, you will have to judge for yourselves.

But I thank you for buying it, for reading it and telling others about it too.

As I have said before, I need to sell a few of these books, because “Doc” The World-Famous Black Lab needs some more squeaky toys.

Don’t judge him to harshly, It’s just how he rolls.