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Drop a Word…..

Although I read my news way more than I watch it on television I took a break the past few weeks from either reading or watching any news. That’s right, nothing. I didn’t read or see anything about South Yemen, the upcoming elections (local and state) or anything to...

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Curing Cancer

Much like many of you I have been touched this past week by the inspirational scenes from Purdue and the courageous cancer fight of the sophomore student there Tyler Trent. On the ESPN Game Day program Saturday morning they had a segment dedicated to young Tyler and...

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The Bandit

Yesterday the iconic movie legend Burt Reynolds passed away at his home in Florida. I am not here to recount or recall all his memorable roles or movies. I won’t take up your time with memories of him that we all remember. But I do have a story to tell and I am sorry...

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Life at Clemson

I already know what you are going to say before you say it. “What in the Hell, does he know about Life at Clemson University?” “He didn’t go to Clemson he’s a damn Alabama guy!” So before you start your disagreeable email to me….. You might be surprised to know that I...

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A Very Special Olympics

In Honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Special Olympics.... I present my favorite story of the wonderful events Sure it's been posted before. But it's still my favorite and I hope it's yours too Enjoy... Have you ever wanted to do something for a long time and then...

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Memorial Day 2018

Despite what you may or may not know or celebrate in your communities, Memorial Day is a day set aside to remember America’s war dead and the ultimate sacrifice they made for our freedom that we enjoy each and every day. It isn’t a day to say “Thank you for your...

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Valentines Day

A dear friend of mine mentioned after purchasing my recent book Sunnyside Up (Thank you very much by the way) that I although I have chapters on “Women”, “Love” and the like I didn’t have any stories about “Valentine’s Day”. This oversight was not intentional I assure...

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You are probably aware of this by now but, Hope comes in many different forms. It may be the way someone says “Good Morning” to you on a dreary day. It could be the person who shares an umbrella with you in the rain Maybe it’s a text or a call from an old friend Maybe...

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Blue Angels

As many of you know by now, I have a side job that I do during Christmas I am the “Bicycle Elf” for the Big Oak Ranch in Alabama In case you were unaware of what the Big Oak Ranch is….. It’s a Christian home for abused boys and girls. It’s a beautiful peaceful place...

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Have you ever heard the old adage? “No matter how bad you may have it there is always someone in worse shape than you” I have heard it and repeated it, but that saying never really gave me any solace. That saying might have helped you, but it never made me feel...

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Now Available!

You may come to the same conclusion another reader came to when I was in the early process of simply sending my stories out to gauge the interest of a potential book. She said, "You have led a charmed life."

My first reaction was, "Are you nuts?" The fact is, although I grew up differently than almost all of you, I haven't had a charmed life, believe me. That sounds like in some way I have been "lucky" that I haven't experienced hardships, pain, or defeat. Nothing could be further from the truth. But I will tell you what is true, I have had a blessed life. Through it all, the Lord has kept me above my trials and tribulations, even when I didn't believe He was there. Through disappointment, death, disease, He was there.