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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Website dedicated to keeping you informed on the upcoming long awaited publication of the book by yours truly.

I am known by many names. The CFB Wizard, Your Favorite College Football Prognosticator, Mike, Mikey and some names I would rather not mention here…

But, if nothing else, I am a story teller. I will have a variety of stories from my upcoming book and information on its release here.

The stories will entertain you, make you laugh and, occasionally, make you think. Please feel free to send me an email or post a comment about what you read.

I hope to see you all down the road.


Now Available!

In this entertaining collection of autobiographical short stories, Mike Blackwood presents a large variety of stories inspired by his own life. Included are coming-of-age stories about growing up throughout the South as a foster child and living with a variety of families. There are stories about college days at the University of Alabama, and time serving as a United States Marine.

There are encouraging stories about surviving cancer and the invasive surgery that went along with it. He hopes readers will find laughter, inspiration, and something to think about within the pages of this book. A compelling collection filled with humorous, inspirational, and uplifting stories mainly set in the South, drawn from the life of the author.

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You may come to the same conclusion another reader came to when I was in the early process of simply sending my stories out to gauge the interest of a potential book. She said, "You have led a charmed life."

My first reaction was, "Are you nuts?" The fact is, although I grew up differently than almost all of you, I haven't had a charmed life, believe me. That sounds like in some way I have been "lucky" that I haven't experienced hardships, pain, or defeat. Nothing could be further from the truth. But I will tell you what is true, I have had a blessed life. Through it all, the Lord has kept me above my trials and tribulations, even when I didn't believe He was there. Through disappointment, death, disease, He was there.