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An Insignificant Thing

You may not know this about me. But the life of a semi-renown nearly famous Southern humorist such as myself isn’t all that glamorous. Seriously, it’s not. I live alone with “Doc” the World-Famous Black Lab who I am sure gets sick and tired of listening to me talk and...

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Cleveland Towers

This article has nothing to do with any city named Cleveland to include the one in Ohio, nor does it have anything to do with the expensive high-rise offices in that city by the same name as the title of this brief story may lead you to believe. This story is about...

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The Tiger

I don’t know about you dear readers… But I can’t hardly believe anything that comes from what is loosely described as the “news” today Sure, we have twenty-four-hour news coverage on thirty damn channels. But not a damn one of them says anything that makes any sense....

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In this day of doom and gloom with destruction described as “peaceful” it’s important to find a little sunshine through the dark clouds. Just to prove my point, this is what a dear friend of mine did recently to.. “Bring the Sunshine.” Sometimes I get lost in my own...

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Social Distancing

During these difficult and trying times we are all experiencing we all need to stick together. Well, maybe “not” stick together per se, as social distancing is the norm for now. But it occurred to me… This is where I can be of service to you, my loyal readers. You...

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And the Winner is….

While I was eating in a restaurant the other day… I overheard some people talking about some television programs they were watching. To tell you the truth, I didn’t have a clue as to what they were talking about.  They might as well have been speaking some strange...

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I Don’t Get it….

When did this country get so damn angry and serious about everything?  I seem to have missed the memo on this one.  It’s as if most people have forgotten how to laugh, and laugh at themselves and worse yet, not take everything as an afront to their gender, equality,...

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Christmas Day at Wal-Mart

I was going to title this story something different but I didn’t want it to be misleading. I was going to title it; “Dead Men Walking” but I thought you might consider this a story about inmates on Death Row, and therefore not give it a second glance. I thought about...

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For Barbara

I am sorry that it took so long to get this story on the wire.  Some stories are harder to write than others.  This is one of those stories If you got a minute I want to tell you about a friend of mine  I have known Barbara for a long time.  In fact, she is one of my...

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The Best Seat in the House 

I was asked this past week by several people “IF” I would be attending the Alabama and Tennessee game this weekend in Tuscaloosa. I get that question by a few people each and every year during this time we like to refer to as “The Third Saturday in October”. I will...

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Now Available!

You may come to the same conclusion another reader came to when I was in the early process of simply sending my stories out to gauge the interest of a potential book. She said, "You have led a charmed life."

My first reaction was, "Are you nuts?" The fact is, although I grew up differently than almost all of you, I haven't had a charmed life, believe me. That sounds like in some way I have been "lucky" that I haven't experienced hardships, pain, or defeat. Nothing could be further from the truth. But I will tell you what is true, I have had a blessed life. Through it all, the Lord has kept me above my trials and tribulations, even when I didn't believe He was there. Through disappointment, death, disease, He was there.