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Free Gluten

You might be surprised to know, that a semi-famous Southern author and humorist such as myself, can on occasion during book promotional interviews, how can I say this politely? Go off script. I know, I am a bit shocked myself. But to be fair, it’s not always my fault....

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Just so you know. This story is not a reference to the famous Jim Carrey movie by the same name. Although I must confess I am somewhat disappointed that Cameron Diaz never returned my calls. Maybe she’s not a big reader or attracted to authors, it happens. But like I...

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Ears like an Eagle

I recognize that this is a strange title for a story. I also recognize that Eagles don’t have ears. But in all fairness, “IF” I was to title this story accurately then it might be even more confusing. Or maybe disturbing, I don’t know. I guess I need to explain. It’s...

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Christmas Magic

I know at my age it may sound silly or even naïve to believe in the magic of Christmas. But I do. If emails are any indication, there are some people out there that think the things I do as the Bicycle Elf are useless and doesn’t help anyone, or they say it’s a waste...

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You will hear it all week from people in the grocery store, and from your friends and relatives; “Happy Thanksgiving.” I love this time of the year, I truly do. For many of you, it’s also a time I like to call “Controlled Poisoning”. You know what I am talking about....

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The New Book, “Over Easy”

My new book “Over Easy” is now available on Amazon and on other book outlets. Just in time for the Marine Corps Birthday and Veteran’s Day and all those other gift giving upcoming Holidays. You Are Welcome America. You will be pleased to know that Palmetto Publishing,...

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O’ Honey

I received an email the other day asking me, what was the best job I have ever had in my life. Although I have been a United States Marine, government contractor and a Doctor for a week once, and an author, I have enjoyed them all to the fullest. But the best job I...

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Speed Racer

As I chronicled in last week’s story, I made a good friend when I was in second grade in a boy my age named Jimmy Bowden. He lived across the street from me in the temporary foster home I was in at the time. It wasn’t really suburbia, as the elementary school we...

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Horse Whisperer

I had a funny story for you this week, but it occurred to me as I reread it that it lacked the important details within it and left too many questions for the readers. It’s not quite as bad as walking into the middle of a movie, but like everything else, it’s best to...

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Weather Girls

I had written about two sisters in an article intitled “Sister’s Act” a couple of weeks ago. The sisters, in the event you are just now joining the conversation, are Emma who is 93 years old and her “little” sister Ima who is 91 years old. They live close to each...

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Now Available!

In this entertaining collection of autobiographical short stories, Mike Blackwood presents a large variety of stories inspired by his own life. Included are coming-of-age stories about growing up throughout the South as a foster child and living with a variety of families. There are stories about college days at the University of Alabama, and time serving as a United States Marine.

There are encouraging stories about surviving cancer and the invasive surgery that went along with it. He hopes readers will find laughter, inspiration, and something to think about within the pages of this book. A compelling collection filled with humorous, inspirational, and uplifting stories mainly set in the South, drawn from the life of the author.

Get the Original!

You may come to the same conclusion another reader came to when I was in the early process of simply sending my stories out to gauge the interest of a potential book. She said, "You have led a charmed life."

My first reaction was, "Are you nuts?" The fact is, although I grew up differently than almost all of you, I haven't had a charmed life, believe me. That sounds like in some way I have been "lucky" that I haven't experienced hardships, pain, or defeat. Nothing could be further from the truth. But I will tell you what is true, I have had a blessed life. Through it all, the Lord has kept me above my trials and tribulations, even when I didn't believe He was there. Through disappointment, death, disease, He was there.