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The Circle of Life

This isn’t a sad tale, just so you know. It’s really more a story of the collective “food chain” than it is about the circle of life. Maybe they are both the same, I don’t know. But regardless, I have a story here for you, as embarrassing as it may be, that...

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See More Pig

This story isn’t an advertisement for my favorite local BBQ joint nor is it a description of my least favorite college football team’s cheerleaders, although it would be quite appropriate. No, to be more accurate, it’s all about Seymore and the Pig. Maybe that’s not...

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Southern Speak

There are many beautiful things about “My South” and one of those is our language. I know that the landscape of the South is changing and not always for the good. But I hope and pray we never lose the beauty of our words, our expressions. It belongs to us, it’s who we...

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I Know I Don’t Look Good

You may or may not know this about me, but I have never been known for my fashion choices. It’s hard to believe, I know, but it’s true. You might be under the impression that a semi-infamous or famous, whatever, Southern author and humorist such as myself would be...

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Believe it or not, unlike famous rock and roll singers and guitar players, NASCAR drivers and Brad Pitt the groupies for semi-famous Southern authors and humorist are not as, how should I put this gently? They aren’t as glamorous as you might think. Who knew? I know I...

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The Dummy

Before any of you ladies start emailing me over what you may perceive as an insulting story based upon the title, I would encourage you to read on prior to sending said nasty correspondence. Not that I mind getting unpleasant comments from readers, it’s just that I...

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Dear God

This isn’t my story, but I promise you it’s worth reading nonetheless. In our world where right has become wrong and left has become right. It’s important to remember that good people are out there. This story is about a couple of them. There are kind and thoughtful...

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Sweet Home Oklahoma

Don’t be alarmed my friends, I not moving from stately Blackwood Manor for the plains of Oklahoma. This story is about a young friend of mine. More importantly, it’s a story about how Christmas wishes, can come true. If you have a minute, let me tell you about Joshua....

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Waiting in the Waiting Room

I like to think of myself as a patient person. I really do. I don’t get upset about waiting in line, waiting in a restaurant or waiting on a woman. Like I said, I am patient. But I will tell you when I am not patient, is when I am a patient in a doctor’s examination...

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An Insignificant Thing

You may not know this about me. But the life of a semi-renown nearly famous Southern humorist such as myself isn’t all that glamorous. Seriously, it’s not. I live alone with “Doc” the World-Famous Black Lab who I am sure gets sick and tired of listening to me talk and...

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Now Available!

You may come to the same conclusion another reader came to when I was in the early process of simply sending my stories out to gauge the interest of a potential book. She said, "You have led a charmed life."

My first reaction was, "Are you nuts?" The fact is, although I grew up differently than almost all of you, I haven't had a charmed life, believe me. That sounds like in some way I have been "lucky" that I haven't experienced hardships, pain, or defeat. Nothing could be further from the truth. But I will tell you what is true, I have had a blessed life. Through it all, the Lord has kept me above my trials and tribulations, even when I didn't believe He was there. Through disappointment, death, disease, He was there.