What’s Your Sign?

Do you remember when that question was once popular?

I used to tell people my sign was “Exxon”

Yeah I still think that’s funny but then again I am easily entertained

The title of this story doesn’t have anything to do with the swinging 70’s

It has everything to do however with American Sign Language

Did I confuse you?
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A Very Special Olympics

Have you ever wanted to do something for a long time and then you finally have the opportunity to do just that?

You’re excited



Then the “big” day arrives and somehow it doesn’t turn out to be like you thought?

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Darkness and Light

Don’t let the title of this story confuse you in any way.

Although the story is about “darkness and light”, what it really is about is simply this:


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My Old Truck

Ladies and Gentlemen

I have a friend of mine that recently bought a “new” pickup truck….

He is proud and rightfully so; it’s been a while since he had a new vehicle.

And I am excited for him, for reasons that you may not understand.

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The Prius Cowboy

As I have well documented in past articles I only go to town once a week

That isn’t because I have some strange aversion to people or have developed some type of phobia of germs. No, it’s because I live out in the country and I plan my trips and business into town for once a week because it’s a good thirty or forty minutes just to drive to the nearest town from where I live at RTR Farm.

In fact I enjoy my weekly trips to town.

Typically I will make stops at my local K Mart, then my grocery store of choice which is Food City and then followed by one of my favorite places anywhere……

Tractor Supply

It is one of the best stores anywhere with the friendliest people

I love that store

I buy all my grain, deer and turkey food, bird seed, treats for Doc and Sadie and too many things to mention in between right there at my local Tractor Supply.

Now this isn’t an advertisement for Tractor Supply, although I could easily do one.

No, it’s about what I saw there just the other day.

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Employee of the Month

People frequently ask me this time of the year

“What do you want for Christmas?”

I do not want to sound selfish or self serving here

And I certainly don’t want you to get the wrong impression of me

I know that I am only a “seasonal” employee for Santa Clause

You don’t have to tell me that I am not a resident of the North Pole

I also understand that I am too tall to considered a “real” Elf

I know that I have some real hurdles to overcome

I get all that, I do

But I still want to be “Employee of the Month”

Let me explain

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Blue Christmas

Don’t let the title of this story fool you.

This story isn’t about having the blues this Christmas

It isn’t about depression or anything of the sort

Nor is it in reference to the classic Elvis Christmas song.

This story is actually an update to an article I wrote last year.

Or maybe it’s just a “follow-up” I don’t know

I will leave all that up for you to decide.

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It’s Magic

You may not know this about me….

But a long time ago I aspired to be an amateur magician.

It’s true

With my penchant for being rather “outgoing”, I figured this would be an easy transition.

I ordered this amateur magician’s starter kit through the mail and imagined the “tricks” I would perform for friends, while they gasped in awe of my magical prowess.

Once it arrived I poured through the instructions, well sort….
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Black and White

I wrote this story last year for the Anniversary of D-Day

Although it’s a repeat, I think it’s worth repeating

If for no other reason than its Veteran’s Day

June 6th 2014 marked the 70th Anniversary of the Allied landing in Normandy France

In grainy Black and White images

We see those boys landing on the beaches that day

Parachuting into France….

Crash Landing plywood gliders
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All That I Know About Women

I am about to share some secrets that have eluded mankind for centuries.

There is no need for any of you gentlemen reading this to purchase any other books on women or watch any mental oatmeal like “Dr. Phil” to understanding women.

I have it all for you right here.

Before you read any of my other stories in a chapter I have devoted to the opposite sex, I wanted to begin this by sharing the benefit of my experience with you all.

No need to thank me, it’s what I do.

What I have to share with you here cannot be disputed by any woman anywhere.

And after reading this section entitled “All That I Know About Women” you gentlemen may find that you and I have more in common than what you may have thought before you purchased my upcoming book.

Through exhaustive research of over fifty years I have detailed in the next three pages all that I know about women. I have simplified the data and put it in an easy to read format for readers of all ages.

It’s also worth noting that the information detailed below is applicable to any man in whatever situation you may find yourself in with the opposite sex.

It transcends race, culture, and age.

I think you will find the information illuminating as well as informative.

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