Have you ever heard the old adage?

“No matter how bad you may have it there is always someone in worse shape than you”

I have heard it and repeated it, but that saying never really gave me any solace.

That saying might have helped you, but it never made me feel better.

To me, if you are walking or running through a storm in your life, it’s hard to take any encouragement in someone else’s misery or compare levels of pain.

So that leads us to the last week and more specifically this past year of mine.
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Christmas on Outer Drive

This was Christmas 1962, when America didn’t have a clue what a Vietnam was and most women were wondering what hat Jackie would wear during the holidays.

Even at the ripe old age of four, this wonderful foster family, provided by the state, was kind enough to explain to me that Santa Claus, ole Saint Nick to you and me, didn’t visit children with no mommy and daddy. They were “bad” children, that’s why their mommies and daddies left them with the state. Made sense to me at the time. So, it goes without saying that my expectations were not very high this holiday season.
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Back For Christmas

Don’t let the title of this story confuse you in any way.

I am right where I am supposed to be for Christmas or at least I think so anyway.

This story isn’t about being “back” for Christmas it’s about something else.
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My Last Christmas (Revised)

Do not be alarmed by the title, to my knowledge I am not planning an early departure anytime soon, although I have to say several times this past year I had my doubts.

Christmas is approaching….

And I was thinking of all the Christmas’s I have had in my life.

Some good and some not so good…

Fact is I still have a popcorn ball from an elementary school Christmas party lodged somewhere in my lower intestine.

Don’t those damn things ever dissolve?
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What’s in a name..

There is a lot to be said for that little statement.

Because sometimes we are known by not just the company we keep but also by the name or names we have throughout our lives.

I have been called a lot of different names…
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Dog Man

I received several emails about my last story posted here…

Some offered condolences which I greatly appreciated

A few called me a crazy old “dog man”

While others questioned my love and devotion to an animal

I could easily respond to the later questions with…

A dog has never stolen my money or my credit card while I was deployed overseas

I might even add, that a dog has never lied to me or taken advantage of me

Although those are honest answers to the question poised, it’s not entirely accurate

You see my love for our four legged brethren goes back to the first job I ever had and coincidently the only job I have been fired from.

It’s hard to believe but that was fifty years ago….
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My Girl….

Please don’t be misled by the title of this story….

This story has nothing to do with the great Temptations song from 1965

But it does have everything to do with the sweetest woman I’ve ever known.

So if you have a minute or two and as the lyrics of the song go, I want to tell you about

“My Girl”
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What’s Your Sign?

Do you remember when that question was once popular?

I used to tell people my sign was “Exxon”

Yeah I still think that’s funny but then again I am easily entertained

The title of this story doesn’t have anything to do with the swinging 70’s

It has everything to do however with American Sign Language

Did I confuse you?
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A Very Special Olympics

Have you ever wanted to do something for a long time and then you finally have the opportunity to do just that?

You’re excited



Then the “big” day arrives and somehow it doesn’t turn out to be like you thought?

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Darkness and Light

Don’t let the title of this story confuse you in any way.

Although the story is about “darkness and light”, what it really is about is simply this:


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